What’s a Girlfriend Experience Like
A girlfriend experience is a meeting with an escort that stimulates the experience that you may have with your actual girlfriend. This doesn’t mean that you will argue with the escort or get pressured to get married; instead the meeting should be designed to stimulate a more intimate experience with affection and enjoyment built into it rather than just simply that act itself. While I have had a number of different girlfriend experiences there are a number of things to keep in mind when doing so and to understand that everyone’s mileage will vary in an experience, as well as to keep in mind certain basic rules of the road which should allow you to improve on the overall experience, regardless of who you end up meeting.

My first girlfriend experience

The first girlfriend experience I had was with an escort who was legitimately new to the business and trying to make ends meet while renting while visiting from Europe. Before meeting we were both nervous and expressed the same concerns over email before meeting at a restaurant. We met first for dinner, had a nice conversation and dinner, and proceeded to a hotel where we spent the night together. The time was not rushed and there was a lot of intimate kissing and enjoyment on both sides. The experience was not rushed or forced and there was a lot of mutual enjoyment on both sides.

After the experience, we communicated a few times over email but never were able to reconnect before she travelled back to Europe for good. Still, this girlfriend experience resonated in my mind and I tried to have similar experiences with mixed results in the future. This taught me to pay attention to warning signs and to keep in mind several things to make the experience special.

Prepare to Pay Up for a true girlfriend experience

Everybody’s time is precious, and you shouldn’t waste someone’s time if you aren’t interested in meeting or committing. Keep in mind that a true girlfriend experience will take longer and may require additional build up and conversation that you will need to compensate the escort for. They could, of course, be making money elsewhere or spending their time on things that they would enjoy doing outside of their work. You will need to pay up for the true girlfriend experience and communicate the nuances of what you are looking for specifically.

Don’t Expect too Much and Communicate Your Expectations Beforehand

Nobody is looking for an unsafe experience and mutual trust and reasonableness is needed on both sides. Don’t expect the same exact experience as you will get from a true girlfriend and be aware that the experience can vary widely from the individuals you meet. Keep yourself protected at all times and avoid spending an exorbitant amount of money unless you have a prior connection with the escort through an earlier experience or through a recommendation and can trust the connection. You will likely have an enjoyable time if you don’t obsess about what you are missing out on and just enjoy what you are getting when you do.

It is important to communicate your expectations beforehand, which can be challenging given the uncertainty around the overall legality of the experience. You may need to be cognizant of this and use code words and dance around what you are exactly hoping for. Requesting intimacy and kissing may be a sign of what you are looking for and be sure to only select escorts who advertise as a true girlfriend experience.

Perform Some Due Diligence

Read reviews and filter out those who do not seem authentic over the phone or in emails. You will need to screen for an escort just as they will screen you and try to find someone who has a compelling and detailed blog and posts information about themselves that seems genuine as true. Ultimately, the outcome for a girlfriend experience will come down to the connection that you have with each other and this will be highly dependent on the interests that you have and how much you actually enjoy spending time with the person that you are going to meet. How well the interaction is over email and the type of person you are meeting will have a significant impact.

Prepare Yourself for the Experience

Be prepared for the girlfriend experience before you meet and be sure to be well groomed by showering and preparing yourself before the meeting. Always keep in mind the needs of the escort as well as your own and treat them with mutual respect for the best overall time. Get excited for the meeting but don’t become disappointed with an experience that falls short. Be polite and reasonable and just don’t repeat if unhappy.

I have had both great and disappointing girlfriend experiences and keeping the aforementioned items in mind during the experiences I have had make all the difference overall, in my experience. There are few experiences that you will have that are as wonderful as a girlfriend experience gone well, especially since it comes with none of the pressures or concerns of having a true girlfriend.